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   Gallery of exhibits - 'Benchmarking' 2009
   (click on images to enlarge)

pear sculpture by sallee warner
ARTIST: Sallee Warner
TITLE:Gone Pear Shaped
Fleurtys' Acquisition

simon pankurst seat
ARTIST: Simon Pankurst
TITLE: A Seat by the Pond
- (detail)

lizards by anna williams
ARTIST: Anna Williams
TITLE:Lovely Lizards (detail 1 and detail 2)

damon will inca sculpture
ARTIST:Damon Wills
TITLE:Inti (Inca)

nicola crane seat
ARTIST:Nicola Crane
TITLE:Forest Dreaming

dan tucker paper nautilus sculpture
ARTIST: Dan Tucker
TITLE:Paper Nautilus
Kingborough Council Merit Award

damon wills steel flax sculpture
ARTIST:Damon Wills
TITLE:Steel Flax

nick attfield conversation seat
ARTIST:Nick Attfield
TITLE:The Conversation Seat

damon wills bush flowers sculpture
ARTIST:Damon Wills
TITLE:Bush Flowers
(detail 1 and detail 2 and detail 3)

noel doepel bent beak sculpture
ARTIST:Noel Doepel
TITLE:Bent Beak
(detail 1 and detail 2)

Damon Wills Nesting Place sculpture
ARTIST:Damon Wills
TITLE:Nesting Place

keith smith restrictions sculpture
ARTIST:Keith Smith
Fleurtys acquisition

Keith Smith Plovers Nest sculpture
ARTIST:Keith Smith
TITLE:Plover's nest

rachel bremner snake sculpture
ARTIST:Rachel Bremner

ned trewartha terry sculpture
ARTIST:Ned Trewarthy

Sally Brown Organ Pipes sculpture
ARTIST:Sally Brown
TITLE:Organ Pipes

ARTIST:Lorraine Johnson

anna Williams and wendy edwards steps in time sculptureARTIST:Anna Williams and Wendy Edwards
Steps in time

Drew Murphy Spherical bunch sculptureARTIST:Drew Murphy
TITLE:Spherical bunch 1,11 & 111

Wendy Edwards Garden bed sculpture
ARTIST:Anna Williams and Wendy Edwards
Steps in time (detail)
Peoples choice award

dean chatwin catchment sculpture
ARTIST: Dean Chatwin
TITLE: Catchment

Chris T. Wilson Bronze apples
ARTIST:Chris T. Wilson
TITLE:Bronze Apples
Cathy McAuliffe d'vine sculpture
ARTIST:Cathy McAuliffe

sculpture awards
Sculpture awards at Fleurtys Cafe

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