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   Gallery of exhibits - 'Benchmarking' 2008
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dan tucker sculpture
ARTIST: Dan Tucker
TITLE: Sun Dial
Kingborough Council Acquisition

ned trewartha sculpture
ARTIST: Ned Trewartha
TITLE: Time marches on

anna williams sculpture
ARTIST: Anna Williams
TITLE: The Picket Fence (detail)

wendy edwards sculpture
ARTIST:Wendy Edwards

merinda young sculpture
ARTIST:Merinda Young
TITLE:Dance Lightly

Keith smith sculpture
ARTIST: Keith Smith
TITLE:The Last Nest

keith smith sculpture
ARTIST:Keith Smith
TITLE:Sea Eagle's Nest

rachel bremner sculpture
ARTIST:Rachel Bremner
TITLE:Imagine Lichen
Fleurtys acquisition

Heather Creet sculpture
ARTIST:Heather Creet
TITLE:The Botanist with Eucalyptus Globulus

damon wills sculpture
ARTIST:Damon Wills

marcus tatton sculpture
ARTIST:Marcus Tatton

mark ikia healy sculpture
ARTIST:Mark 'Ikia' Healy
TITLE:Walking backwards in Time

suzon hussey sculpture
ARTIST:Suzon Hussey
TITLE:Summer; Brother and Sister on a lake high in the Canadian Rockies

nicole adams sculpture
ARTIST:Nicole Adams

gus mckay sculpture
TITLE:Tree Beat - Life Support

sally brown sculpture
ARTIST:Sally Brown

noel doepel sculpture
ARTIST:Noel Doepel
People's Choice Award

Last updated 6 February, 2011