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Gallery of exhibits - 'Benchmarking' 2007
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'If you go down into the woods today...' Benchmarking Sculpture Trail - October 2007. (Click on images to enlarge).

ARTIST: Anna Williams
TITLE: Stone the Crows

MATERIALS: Ceramic crows, sandstone & copper
DIMENSIONS: Over 1000mm x 2000mm x 3000mm
PRICE: $1250 for complete set or individually priced

ARTIST: Wendy Edwards
People’s Choice Prize
TITLE: Fish out of Water

MATERIALS: Crockery, tile, glass beads, stone & handmade ceramic tile
DIMENSIONS: 1.7m x 1.5 approx
PRICE: $5600

ARTIST: Wendy Edwards
People’s Choice Prize
TITLE: Fish out of Water (detail)

Here’s a place to sit and imagine what’s in store for the environment if we don’t look after it? Floods, drought…. imagine if the regenerating flow of the rivers stopped their journey to the sea… what would we stand to lose?

ARTIST:Marcus Tatton

MATERIALS:Steel rod & Eucalyptus
DIMENSIONS:2800 x 2200 x 600

We are entering a new moment of choices.  Energy consumption is all around us, we become responsible for the future consumption of energy from many sources.  Coupled with this, we can use energy sparingly or we can unleash huge amounts of energy at once with one reckless action.

ARTIST:Wendy Edwards

MATERIALS:Recycled crockery, glazed tile & copper wire over a welded steel & cement frame.
DIMENSIONS:450 x 450 x 1100
PRICE:$2300 - SOLD

Imagine if everything was topsy turvy, beetles as big as couches and people reduced to the size of ants.  Would our new perspective remind us that we are just one small component of the whole picture and give us a greater appreciation of our surroundings?

ARTIST:Sally Brown
TITLE:Web,net,lace -


MATERIALS:crocheted from salvaged rope
DIMENSIONS:2000 x 2000 approx.

For this sculpture I have taken familiar elements of form, scale, material, technique and setting and re-arranged them in a web of juxtapositions.

ARTIST:Jacinta Marr

MATERIALS:steel wire and cutting grass
DIMENSIONS:2400mm x 2000mm x 2000mm

Shoots is a reconstruction of natural forms including organic and man made materials – ORGANIC INFORMAL – the linear movement of the wrapped wire represents the endless change and movement of nature.


TITLE:Wave Watching/Wishing

MATERIALS:Laminated Sassafrass, Myrtle, Celery top pine and star pickets
DIMENSIONS:2800mm x 550 x 600

Being a surfer and especially one in Tasmania you spend a lot of time connected to the land watching the ocean and the water and wishing for waves.  Often your board will spend more time on the roof of your car rather than in the water, as you race around the state searching for a decent wave.  This piece represents this sometimes fruitless and frustrating search, although you’ll always find something in the end.

Also there isn’t a surfer living in and around the channel who hasn’t once asked the question:  What if Bruny just wasn’t there!



ARTIST:Ned Trewartha
TITLE:Cacophonous fleurtii

MATERIALS:Huon pine, copper and brass
DIMENSIONS:1000 x 1200

Now extinct, this large bird once soared over the hills and valleys of the south Channel, nestling in the beautiful white peppermints (Eucalyptus  pulchella).

Also know as the ‘Hooded xylophone bird’ it had a loud raucous call, as the Greek name suggests, not at all melodious as the common name would have you believe.  In the days before scarecrows littered the roadside and houses of the area (to no avail), there was nary a raven to be seen in the area.  Such was the volume and depth of  the ‘hooded’ bird’s call, the ravens all took flight over the hills, and never returned whilst they noisily reigned.

Alas, being so loud was also their undoing.  When in full cry they were oblivious to their surroundings, and were easily and voraciously hunted to extinction by those who wanted their feathers for xylophone keys, hence the common name.

And the ravens came back.

Sometimes it is best to blend with your surroundings and quietly watch.

ARTIST:Andy Vagg
TITLE:A Built (upon) Environment

MATERIALS:Steel mest, steel wire and shells
DIMENSIONS:350 x 350 x 350mm

My work represents the symbiosis between people and nature.  The geometric steel structures refer to the built environment and the shells represent nature.  The mesh holds the shells in place efficiently, much like in farming.  The blocks are arranged to capture a sense of play; a chance encounter between people and nature.

ARTIST:Merinda Young
TITLE:Take Flight (beyond)

MATERIALS:Glass panels, aluminium frame and wood
DIMENSIONS:1600 x 1100 x 60

Windows often frame our view of the world.  They might act as a barrier or as something we open up to allow interaction with the outside.  In this piece I have chosen to free the window from its architectural constraints.  This window is set free in the natural world to explore, enjoy and interact.  Wings have been emerging in my work in recent times as a metaphor for release, expanding horizons and hope.  My intention is that viewers be encouraged in a similar way to consider how our perceptions and experiences might act as frames to our understanding of the world we live in.

The combination of colour, texture and most importantly light challenge and fascinate me and provide endless possibilities for expression.  Inspired by the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape and often narrative or quirky in style, my work celebrates the natural world and our common journey.

ARTIST:Suzon Hussey
TITLE:The Shape of frogs to come

DIMENSIONS:400mm x 300mm x 300mm

Moving in and out of the water the frog knows more than other creatures about the elusiveness of things, as well as about the powers of transformation.  He breathes in air as well as water trades the tail for legs in mid life, and swallows his own skin when he moults.  The myth-tellers remind us that human beings are neither the most sensual nor the most responsible creatures sharing the earth.

ARTIST:Brian Adams

DIMENSIONS:900 x 1800 x 800mm

The re-direction of a spent life.

ARTIST:Ruth Downham
TITLE:Sign Posts

MATERIALS:celery top pine and fused and painted glass
DIMENSIONS:1000 x 100 x 100mm


I would like the chance to express my art in a lovely public space that people will respond well within.  Glass is a great media and to combine with my own harvested and cut timber is special.

ARTIST:Suzon Hussey

DIMENSIONS:300mm x 300mm x 550mm
PRICE:$1140.00 - SOLD

No desire to do anything in particular its enough nearly to be here, now that the sun slants through the handsome square of huge dense trees.

ARTIST:Keith Smith
TITLE:Clearing A Space

MATERIALS:Stainless steel, steel and copper
DIMENSIONS:1700 x 900 x 700 approx.

Café – Relax and enjoy!  
Beneath the structure  which enables all this, are time, effort and infrastructure, all the way back to the bush.
“Clearing a Space”.

ARTIST:Roland Gabatel
TITLE:Ode to the Wheel

MATERIALS:Pine and airatec cement
DIMENSIONS:1700 x 400 x 400mm

Our everyday understanding of what is real and what is fantasy is what I like to explore with my art.  I like to challenge the viewer’s perceptions, altering their interpretation through varied combinations of medium; are they man-made or natural forms; negative or positive space; does it have a function or is it ornamental?

The conclusion may be varied however, no where near as important as the journey itself.

ARTIST:Forest Whitton

Benchmarking Birchs Bay
Seating Forms Exhibition 2006
PRICE $960


ARTIST:Marcus Tatton

Acquisition from Benchmarking Birchs Bay
Seating Forms Exhibition 2006

ARTIST:Paul Warren
TITLE:Metamorphasis detail

Acquisition from Benchmarking Birchs Bay
Seating Forms Exhibition 2006

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